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Amazon’s New Fitness Tracker Analyzes Your Voice and Can Guess Your Mood

I don’t need my watch to count steps.  I want it to help me win ARGUMENTS . . .

Amazon just unveiled a new fitness tracker called the “Halo Band.”  And there’s a featured called “Tone” that tracks your voice and tells you if you’re being a JERK or not.

The A.I. in it analyzes your voice and tells you what you sound like to other people.  Things like “happy,” “hopeful,” “confused,” “worried,” “affectionate,” “bored,” and “apologetic.”  And it’s supposed to help with communication skills at work, and in relationships.

The promo video really focuses on the relationship part.  There’s a guy sleeping on the couch after a fight with his wife.  Then he checks his Halo app . . . realizes he wasn’t being supportive . . . and apologizes to her.

It also does normal stuff, like counting steps and tracking your sleep patterns.  It’ll cost $99 on Amazon, but you can request “early access” and get it for $65 right now.

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You also have to subscribe to the tracking app for $4 a month.  But the first six months are free.

(The Verge / Business Wire)

(Here’s a photo.)


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Amazon is getting into the health world. Meet the new Amazon Halo. An app and screenless band that promises to analyze body fat, and keeps tabs on sleep and activity. The basic-looking band feels similar to a screenless Fitbit tracker and unlocks an array of different health metrics like activity, sleep body fat, and tone of voice analysis. Yes, voice analysis. Pricing follows a subscription model, starting at $64.99 for the first 6 months ($99.99 once the early access deal is over) and then $3.99 a month after that. The subscription includes the basic band and the app. Beta access is available today. Once we get our hands on the app and band, we’ll let you know what we think. So one thing remains: is this too Black Mirror or intriguing? Tap the link in our bio for more details. #amazon #amazonhalo #fitness #fitnesstracker #fitnessapp #healthapp #wearable #technews

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