It'll be a very bingo Thanksgiving for Lindsey Stirling and her tour family

Cara Robbins

Lindsey Stirling‘s Snow Waltz holiday tour got underway earlier this month, and it’s not going to stop for Thanksgiving. Just like every year since she started doing Christmas tours, Lindsey will spend Thanksgiving on the road with her band, dancers and crew.

“I haven’t had Thanksgiving with my family for, what, six years now? Because we do [the tour] every year,” Lindsey tells ABC Audio. “But you know, it’s fun. We’re a tour family and I’ve toured with … a lot of the same group for so many years now. So they really are like family to me.”

So what is it like trying to arrange a Thanksgiving meal for so many people on the road? Lindsey says every year is different.

“One year we ended up renting an Airbnb and we, like, made Thanksgiving dinner, which was probably my favorite one we’ve ever done,” she recalls. “Sometimes we’ll end up at a buffet, sometimes we’ll rent out a restaurant, sometimes we’ll cater it in to the venue. So it kind of just depends on what part of the country we’re in, what’s available.”

“But yeah, it’s always a really special time. And we try to make it as traditional-based as possible. Like, we’ll all go around and say what we’re grateful for.”

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Lindsey says this year they’re trying something out of the ordinary.

“We found a place that we’re going to all play bingo at. So that’s going to be a new one,” she tells ABC Audio. “We’ve got a spot picked out. We’re going to go play some bingo. We’re excited!”

This year, Lindsey’s Thanksgiving bingo game is sandwiched between a November 22 show in Tucson, Arizona, and a November 24 show in Las Vegas; it wraps up New Year’s Eve in Chicago.

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