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NEW MUSIC ALERT: ’90s Icons Matchbox 20 are back

Some iconic bands of the ’90s have turned in their pen and notebook they’ve used for years to write new material, hit the road, and continued to play the songs we know and love them for from back in the day.

Lucky for us, that isn’t the mantra of Matchbox 20.

Rob Thomas and his crew released a new single this morning, in anticipation of their sixth album, due out later in 2023.  “Wild Dogs (Running In A Slow Dream)” harkens back to some of their earlier releases with a one-on-one connection that can only be described as “quintessential Matchbox.”  Take a listen.


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And sure, when their summer tour hits, most of us will be there for “Push,” “Real World,” “Bent” and “3AM,” but isn’t it good to know they’re still doing what has made them a household name for over 25 years?  Sure is.
Welcome back, Matchbox… we’ve missed you!

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