Life imitating art: 'Rogers: The Musical' from 'Hawkeye' coming to a Disney theme park

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The Disney+ Marvel Studios show Hawkeye contained a recurring inside joke: Steve Rogers aka Captain America’s life and the Battle of New York as seen in The Avengers had been immortalized in a lavish Broadway musical. But now that Easter egg is becoming a reality.

In a video tweet from Disney’s California Adventures theme park, a woman who fans would immediately recognize as Rogers’ love Peggy Carter is shown strolling down a city street before she stops in front of a theater. She then glances to a Playbill, on which is written the name of that very play from the TV show: Rogers: The Musical.

The tweet teases the production will be a “short, one-act play” debuting this summer, calling it, as critics’ blurbs read in Hawkeye, “A timeless story of a timeless hero!”

Incidentally, Rogers: The Musical has some real-life Broadway bona fides: Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, veterans of hits like Hairspray and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, were tapped by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige to craft the Rogers musical song “Save The City.”

The showstopper, which originally featured Broadway stars like Adam Pascal, Ty Taylor and Rory Donovan, was also performed live at the Disney expo D23 in 2022.

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