'The Mandalorian' & 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' star Katy O'Brian on costuming in the Quantum Realm

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If one were to recognize Katy O’Brian from The Mandalorian in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, one might assume they used a CG body double.

In the former, she plays a literally and figuratively buttoned-up Imperial officer, while in the latter, she plays Jentarra, a warrior woman freedom fighter from the Quantum Realm. However, those are muscles, not pixels; O’Brian is a martial artist and bodybuilder when she’s not playing in two of Disney’s biggest properties.

She tells ABC Audio she owes the latter role to director Peyton Reed, who called the shots on “The Rescue,” the Mando season 2 finale that famously brought Luke Skywalker back into the fold.

“I think I performed worse in front of him than I ever have in my entire career, and he brought me into this movie for some reason,” she said self-deprecatingly about that Mandalorian finale. “I was like, ‘Why would he hire me again?’ But he did, and I’m really thankful for that.” She added with a laugh, “He’s just like…such a great, great guy. I would work on any project with him.”

As for Jentorra, O’Brian says she’s “so ready” for people to dress up like her Ant-Man character. “…[A] couple of people on set brought up that, you know, like, ‘Oh, my daughter is going to want to cosplay Jentorra, you know…And I’m like, ‘That’s going to be so cute,'” she said. “I know they’re going to be like…you know, adults and stuff like that, which is great. I love it. I love cosplay. I think it’s amazing what people can do, but like little kids — Are you kidding me?! It’s so cute!” 

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