'Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur' hits Disney+ Friday


Based on the comics following the same unlikely superhero duo, Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comes to Disney+ Friday.

In the animated series, she’s a 13-year-old super genius named Lunella Lafayette and he’s a red T. rex named Devil Dinosaur that Lunella accidentally teleported into our time, who team up to fight evil in New York’s Lower East Side.

Diamond White plays the motor-mouthed teen, and the actress explained to ABC Audio that took a little getting used to. “In my everyday life, I speak very slowly because I have to get the words — I’m not as smart as Lunella. Lunella’s superpower is her brain, OK? My superpower is not my brain, but it’s my voice,” she laughs.

The actress adds, “I came to getting the vibe from this role through kind of looking at my 9-year-old self. Lunella’s 13, but I had to go a bit younger to get the whole, like, spazzy kind of like Moon Girl magic vibe.

Veteran voiceover actor Fred Tatasciore [TAHta-SHORE] has voiced everything from the evil Transformer Megatron to Yosemite Sam, but here he has to communicate only as a cartoon dinosaur can.

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“Pretty soon you start to develop a lexicon, you know, and I mean a little language going on, you know?” the actor says. He demonstrates Devil’s speaking voice, which is a series of snarls, snorts and growls.

“It’s a wonderful vocal challenge,” he noted. “Peter Cullen, he actually invented the Predator voice, right? From an actor’s point of view and a vocal artist point of view, it’s the most fun to be able to try to paint colors and nontraditional colors with that texture.”

He adds with a laugh, “I call it a broken saxophone.”

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