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LISTEN: The song that scored Bonnie Raitt an upset, SURPRISE Grammy win

The Grammy Awards can be confusing, as to WHICH award goes to whom.  To sum it up, the “Record Of The Year” goes to the performer whose single hit song is deemed best; the “Album Of The Year” goes to the performer whose album is deemed best, and the “Song Of The Year” goes to the songwriter(s) whose song is deemed best.

Now that the confusion is cleared up for those of us outside the music industry, let’s clear up the confusion for Bonnie Raitt, after she heard the news from First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden.

Bonnie… YOU WON!


Watch as it happened…

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No one, Bonnie included, seemed like they expected the veteran singer-songwriter to walk away from the awards ceremony with the honor on Sunday night, but if you take a step back and listen to the song, you’ll see why she did.

Even amongst names like Lizzo, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles – yep, you’ll get it.


“Just Like That” may not have the catchiness of Bonnie’s early hits like “Something To Talk About,” or the love-wrenched torment of “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” but it DOES have an incredibly unique story about a topic that isn’t often mentioned in song: organ donation.  If you’ve ever had a friend or family member go through the process, it is challenging, heart-wrenching, and probably NEEDS more songs written about it.  And alas, now there’s an anthem.



Take five minutes or so and reflect on Bonnie’s writing today.  I think you’ll find out, pretty quickly, that – JUST LIKE THAT – she penned an AMAZING song.

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