Melissa Rivers says it's “impossible” to bring back 'Fashion Police'

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Melissa Rivers understands fans want to see a revival of Fashion Police, a show her late mother, Joan Rivers, launched in 2002, but she says it’ll never happen.

“It’s impossible to bring it back now,” she told ABC Audio. Rivers explained the show’s humor, where the co-hosts shared their brutally honest opinions when critiquing red carpet outfits, likely wouldn’t be well received in 2023.

Rivers said the hosts would have to ensure their commentary wouldn’t be taken out of context and misconstrued as an attack on someone’s physical appearance or character.

“What are you going to do? Say, ‘Well, I’m not saying that the actress isn’t beautiful and amazing and nice to small children and animals and gives back daily’ after saying, ‘I’m not sure that this is my favorite thing she’s ever worn,'” she quipped. “That’s not fun to listen to.”

Melissa, who served as the show’s executive producer, took over Joan Rivers’ spot on Fashion Police following her 2014 death. The show ended in 2017. 

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Rivers looked back at Fashion Police with happy memories and recalled, “It was comedy and it was fun and it was light.” She also recalled how the cast found it amusing when a celebrity was offended they didn’t appreciate their red carpet look — because they were most likely either paid to wear the outfit in question or they got it for free.

Rivers also revealed an unnamed “actress friend” of hers would “actively try and either be the best or the worst [dressed] because she’s like, ‘Either way, I’m going to get talked about.'”

With the Golden Globe Awards set for Tuesday night and officially kicking off the award season, all eyes are on what outfits this year’s red carpet will bring.

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