On new podcast, Chris Harrison discusses being “gutted, embarrassed” and “heartbroken” by 'Bachelor' exit

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Chris Harrison, whose tenure as The Bachelor franchise host came to an end in 2021 following his defense of contestant Rachael Kirkconnell over her 2018 attendance of an Antebellum party, is opening up about his fall from grace.

Harrison apologized profusely for the comments he made on Extra with Rachel Lindsay, The Bachelorette‘s first Black lead, but ultimately parted ways with the long-running reality series in June 2021.

In a new relationships podcast, the title of which teases an oft-repeated Bachelor phrase, The Most Dramatic Podcast… Ever, Harrison opened by saying, “I think it’s time we finally had that chat,” noting, “I think I needed time.”

He later revealed, “I was heartbroken. I was gutted. I was embarrassed. I was mad at myself. I was disappointed in myself.”

He added, “The last thing in the world I ever wanted to do was be an agent of anything negative — whether it had to do with race or anything.” Harrison admitted, “I was sick to my stomach. I lost 20 pounds. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t eat.”

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Harrison also said he stands by his comments to Lindsay about cancel culture that landed him in hot water in the “infamous,” interview, though he admits, “The way I did it was messy and disappointing.”

Harrison allowed, “If I had a regret, it would be that I didn’t do this sooner.”

The former TV host also said people have approached him to say how much they missed him.

That said, Harrison struck a defiant tone regarding the industry that canceled him. “I am sure there are a lot of people that are sitting in Hollywood right now that are nervous as hell that I am doing a podcast,” he said.

“Maybe you should be, because you probably know that I know.”

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