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How to know when it's time for new sneakers

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(NEW YORK) — Did you know that working out in old sneakers can do more harm to your body than good?

According to podiatrist Dr. Priya Parthasarathy, you should test your sneakers to see if it is time for new ones.

“Most experts say [you should replace shoes after every] 300 to 500 miles, but most people don’t keep track of the mileage they put on their sneakers,” Parthasarathy told “Good Morning America.”

“I tell my patients to try to twist or fold your shoe in half like a sandwich. If you are able to do that or come close to it, then it is time to replace your sneakers. With a new supportive sneaker there should be some give near the forefoot but it definitely should not be able to fold in half,” Parthasarathy added.

Time for a new pair? Consult Parthasarathy’s checklist below before buying:

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  •     Make sure you cannot bend the shoe in half.
  •     Check that the heel counter is firm for support.
  •     Pick a shoe with removable inserts.
  •     The shape of the shoe should fit your foot not vice versa.
  •     Check support levels. Shoe brands typically offer different levels of support: stability, neutral or over supinator.
  •     Get evaluated by a podiatrist if you don’t know your foot type.

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