See Nicolas Cage as Dracula in the trailer for the action comedy 'Renfield'


Being an assistant for a famous, powerful person is tough — but it’s even worse if your boss is Dracula. That’s what Nicholas Hoult is going through in the trailer for the action comedy Renfield, starring Nicolas Cage as the infamous bloodsucker.

As the title character, Renfield is shown at a group therapy session trying to unpack his “toxic relationship” without actually saying what he does for a living — seeing as his job entails tending to a vampire’s day-to-day needs, such as gathering his victims.

“I want a handful of nuns. A busload of cheerleaders,” Cage requests through his fangs.

“And I just want a normal life again,” Renfield laments.

Awkwafina plays a cop whose life is saved by the beleaguered, super-powered assistant. “You’re the guy who gets him people to eat? You’re like the guy who gets the villain’s Postmates!” she exclaims.

McDonalds Is Hiring

Cage himself is fully revealed at the end of the trailer, levitating in the group session. “I am Dracula,” he proclaims dramatically. “OK, obviously we’re dealing with something a little more than narcissism here,” a therapy friend offers.

The movie from The LEGO Batman Movie and The Tomorrow War‘s Chris McKay opens in theaters April 14.

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