“Yes” Man: 'Mad Men' Emmy winner Jon Hamm admits he happily didn't get paid for 'Bridesmaids'


(NOTE LANGUAGE) If you’d like to book Jon Hamm for your podcast, now’s your chance. In a chat with Sirius/XM’s Pop Culture Spotlight with Jessica Shaw, the Emmy-winning Mad Men star admits he’s a pushover for the right project.

Hamm explained that he said yes to his comedic turn in Bridesmaids after getting on “like a house on fire” with Kristen Wiig when he hosted Saturday Night Live. She all but begged him to be in the movie, and he agreed.

Suffice it to say, his agents weren’t too happy, the Top Gun: Maverick co-star star recalled.

“I did that movie before there was a part, before there was a script, I said ‘yes’ to it. And [my] agents went, ‘Oh, well, s***. How do we, you know, ask for money?’ And I was like, ‘Don’t worry about it. It just, let me let go have fun with friends.”

Hamm’s instincts were spot-on, as the 2011 comedy went on to make $288.3 million at the global box office.

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“Mostly I drive [my agents] crazy because I say yes to everything, you know?” Hamm says. “I’m always showing up for people’s podcasts or what have you. But that’s what I like doing. I like engaging with the people that I work with and I’ve had some tremendous, fun experiences doing that.”

The Confess, Fletch actor adds, “And things like that turn into other things. And, you know, those are the kinds of things you can’t measure.”

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