“Batgirls get lonely, too”: Leslie Grace shares more behind-the-scenes peeks at shelved movie


Leslie Grace is sharing more behind-the-scenes peeks at Batgirl, the now-scuttled film in which she played Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.

On her Instagram, and set to a song she apparently wrote with singer-songwriter Lauren LaRue that was initially called “Bad Girls Get Lonely, Too,” Grace is seen being put through her paces on and off set.

Grace is shown training for her role as the titular heroine and bearing the bruises her character endures in the course of the movie. One shows her tangling with Firefly, the baddie who was played by Brendan Fraser.

There’s also more lighthearted moments in between shots of time in the make-up chair or at the training gym. One shows Grace showing off a 3D printed ambigram — the model displays “Leslie” or “Batgirl,” depending on how it’s positioned.

Another shows Leslie being offered a cookie in shape of her Batsuit’s chest emblem.

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Regarding the song, Grace explained she laughed at the fact that the lyrics sounded like “Batgirls are lonely, too.” She noted, “in any case, over the last couple weeks, the song obviously took on a whole other meaning – as if it were written with all of the recent events in mind!”

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