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Fiona updates: Much of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island without power as Fiona hits Canada

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(NEW YORK) — Nearly 80% of Nova Scotia and the entirety of Prince Edward Island are currently without power as Fiona, now a post-tropical cyclone, continues to lash the east coast of Canada with strong, gusty winds. It is the most intense landfalling system Canada has ever seen.

While it has lost its tropical characteristics, Fiona is still producing hurricane-force winds over a large area. Wind gusts over 85 mph have been recorded in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

While winds are sustained at 80 mph, the wide range of Fiona’s wind field is resulting in a long duration of strong winds across a vast geographical area.

Hurricane warnings are in effect for all of Prince Edward Island and parts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. High wind alerts have been issued for much of Maine, showing the far-reaching impacts of this storm.

Fiona made landfall in Nova Scotia early Saturday morning. While the storm is no longer a Category 3 hurricane, it still brought powerful winds gusting at over 100 mph.

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The storm will now continue to weaken as it heads further north toward Canada. After dropping below hurricane strength Saturday it is expected to continue north toward Greenland.

Rare hurricane warnings and tropical storm warnings are in effect. Fiona was forecast to become the strongest storm, in terms of pressure, to hit Canada.

Fiona is expected to bring high winds, dangerous storm surge, up to 10 inches of rain, flooding and large, destructive waves.

Power outages and widespread damage are possible.

The biggest impact in the United States will be high winds gusting up to 55 mph in Maine expected on Saturday and an increased threat of rip currents, with 10-feet waves, along the East Coast.

This comes after Fiona barreled through Bermuda Friday morning.

About 70% of Bermuda woke up without power, according to the local power company.

Conditions on the island improved by the afternoon.

ABC News’ Melissa Griffin, Chris Donato, Riley Winch and Max Golembo contributed to this report.

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