Jameela Jamil dishes on her 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' character, Titania

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Meet Titania! She’s the villain on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which drops a new episode today on Disney+.

Jameela Jamil plays the baddie, known as Titania, and Jamil shared her character’s back story with ABC Audio.

“In the comics, she’s bullied really badly as a kid, and that’s where all of her desperation for attention and power comes from,” she explains. “And so we don’t get to tell that story here, but maybe one day in the Marvel Universe, I’ll be able to. But I think it’s an important part of her, and I think it’s a part that probably exists in a lot of very insecure, vain narcissists.”

Titania, originally a wrestler in the comics, is now a social media influencer, which the 36-year-old British actress believes is appropriate for a supervillain here in 2022.

“I feel as though they are the modern day supervillain, some of them, of the world. And the fact that she sells products that are, you know, false and dangerous and [Titania’s] so fraudulent, I think resonates around certain influencers that we have in the world,” she shares.

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While other actors of color have experienced bullying online after taking roles in comic-book and fantasy based shows and movies, Jamil says she’s “deeply relieved” that she hasn’t experienced any of it for this role.

“I’m horrified to see the hard time that other people have gotten. And it’s so unjustified and it’s so bad for the mental health of these quite young people who are entering the MCU,” she adds.

As for why that might be, Jameela figures, “This is not my first rodeo man. And so I think people also know that I just don’t care, as there’s no point.”

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