'Ted Lasso' characters coming to soccer game 'FIFA 23'


For fans who can’t get enough Ted Lasso, the AFC Richmond, the fictitious footie team from the Emmy-winning show, is getting the video game treatment.

FIFA 23, the forthcoming installment of EA’s insanely popular FIFA series, will feature the affable coach played by Jason Sudeikis, as well as playable versions of Roy effing Kent and other players from the scrappy soccer team.

EA made the announcement in a trailer that shows the hit show’s world being digitized into the world of the realistic sports game.

As fans have come to expect from the FIFA series, the likenesses of Sudeikis’ character — and that of his Emmy-winning co-star Brett Goldstein, who plays foul-mouthed footballer Roy Kent — and all the other players are on point.

The “AFC Richmond squad including Jamie Tartt, Dani Rojas, Sam Obisanya … and Isaac McAdoo will all be authentically integrated into FIFA 23, along with Nelson Road–the club’s home ground,” the video game company explains.

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“One of the game’s great motivators, you’ll be able to select Ted Lasso as your playable manager in Career Mode, or you can manage AFC Richmond by swapping them into the Premier League or any other playable Career Mode league,” EA’s website continues.

The FIFA games are a global phenomenon: more than 325 million copies have been sold as of 2021.

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