Your favorite Pixar characters are back in Disney+'s 'Cars on the Road'

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Start your engines! More Cars stories hit Disney+ today — nine mini episodes of Cars on the Road, featuring Pixar favorites Mater and Lightning McQueen.

Larry the Cable Guy is the voice of Mater, and tells ABC Audio the plot is simple: “Mater is going to see his sister and McQueen’s with him and we got nine awesome adventures.

“If you told me to pick my favorite, I couldn’t do it because I swear they’re all really good,” he continues. “The writing on this is so good. I just had to show up and bring life to the character. And man, it’s funny. I love it. It’s one of my favorite things that we did.”

That’s not surprising, considering the 59-year-old comedian loves road trips.

“My favorite part of a road trip is you’re with people that you love,” he explains. “You’re with people you have a good time with. And it’s just you out on the road and there’s you got no, you don’t have any outside intrusions.”

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Marc Sondheimer, one of the series producers, says the series is all about “the friendship and the connection and the kind of the bumps and bruises that you go through all along the way.”

And those, says Sondheimer, “are part of life and those are part of living. And at the end of the day, when you look back on it, that’s part of what made you who you are.”

“…I think that going on a road trip with these two characters and letting them kind of go through all that, but then reconnect and find that friendship and realize how much they love each other,” he adds. 

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