'The Good Fight' says goodbye after six seasons

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It’s the beginning of the end for The Good Fight. The Paramount+ legal drama debuts its final season today.

Christine Baranski has been in this universe for over a decade — first with The Good Wife, and then in all six seasons of The Good Fight, playing the fierce and talented lawyer Diane Lockhart.

Baranski says her time on The Good Fight — which consistently satirized American politics, starting with Donald Trump‘s presidential win — was amazing, explaining to ABC Audio, “What we did was something very original and sometimes outrageous and then sometimes so nuanced…I think it will go down as the best show of our times in terms of reflecting what was going on in these crazy six years.”

The show’s co-creator, Robert King, agrees, noting that he and his wife, Michelle, poured all of their feelings about politics into the show, and with the show ending there will be a void in his life.

“It is going to be very frustrating to not be able, because your instinct, when you see something that outrages you, or ‘Oh my God, that is the stupidest thing, let’s satirize it,'” he says. “Your first instinct is write it. Now we’ll be like, okay, let’s tell our daughter, let’s get her on the phone. We’ll do a little one-act for her of this.”

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Michelle seconds that, sharing, “We will react. We just won’t have a TV show to react with.”

As for what can we expect from The Good Fight‘s final season, Robert says, “I think our sense was always that this was going to end with some kind of explosion, because our main title is about explosions…So to honor that does not mean everybody lives on a farm somewhere and starts growing alfalfa.”

(Trailer contains uncensored profanity.)

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