Empty coffee cups? Waking up with full make-up? Screenwriter polls Twitter for biggest movie gripes

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Big Fish and Go screenwriter John August is the co-host of the Scriptnotes podcast, and in his career, he’s taken some notes of his own on the things that bug him in movies and TV shows — but he’s not alone.

Kicking things off with “seeing contact lenses in period movies,” August polled his Twitter followers as to what their biggest pet peeves were when watching, and he received thousands of replies.

Actors holding empty coffee cups that are supposed to be full was a common complaint, so much so that August linked to a separate article on how Hollywood is pushing back about it. In fact, there’s been a Twitter hashtag dedicated to it called #EmptyCupAwards.

Another common complaint: Actors’ earring holes when their character wouldn’t — or can’t — have one. Chris Evans‘ can be spotted while he’s playing Captain America, and the spangly hero out of time would decidedly not be sporting one.

“The worst was Keanu Reeves in The Matrix,” one user agreed. “He spent his entire life in a pod, when did he have time to go to Claire’s?

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Other offerings included: “getting out of bed after [sex] with UNDERWEAR on! sometimes a bra too – who sleeps in a bra? who puts underwear on after sex ?”

Another posted, “When drivers look at their passengers while talking to them.”

On a related note, an actress waking up with full makeup/hair done was also a common complaint.

So much for “I woke up like this.”

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