Michael Peña and Jesse Williams on the Owen Wilson of it all in 'Secret Headquarters'


While he has what most would consider a glamorous job, Owen Wilson is just Dad to his three kids. That’s one of the reasons he was so interested in Secret Headquarters, which is now streaming on Paramount+.

Wilson plays Jack, a divorced father trying to hide his secret identity as a superhero from his tween son Charlie — who happens to idolize The Guardian, the very hero he discovers is his dad.

“That was one of the things that sort of stood out to me sort of with the script,” Wilson told ABC Audio.

“… I know growing up, kind of looking up to my dad and kind of idolizing him. And then …you get to the teen years and there’s a … kind of a challenge. And I think that’s sort of genuine in this …”

Marvel movie vet Michael Peña plays Ansel Argon, a wannabe supervillain trying to get his hands on the item that gives The Guardian his power; former Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams plays his tech whiz.

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However, according to the pair, Wilson already has a superpower.

“When he first showed up, and he sounded exactly like Owen Wilson, then you think like, ‘Wow, this dude is special,'” Peña said.

“You know, he has the distinct way of saying the R’s and stuff. And I, I caught myself watching more than, like, being in the scene. And you’re like, ‘That’s Owen Wilson, dude!'”

Williams agrees. “Anything he says, it’s funny. He could read a menu!”

Peña then cracked himself up imitating his co-star. “‘I got a bird, you know, his name’s Tyrone!'”

“‘Wow,'” the actor said, laughing, imitating a phrase Wilson has uttered in seemingly every film.

Peña then gave another example, “Real. It’s real, you know,” anything with an R, you know?”

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