“Nobody likes having their name salvestized!” Will Smith gets some interesting advice via FaceTime

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Following his infamous Oscar-night slap of Chris Rock, Will Smith has said he’s been seeking advice from others in an effort to work on the issues that led to the incident.

However, one piece of counsel appeared to befuddle the star so much that he posted it to Instagram, along with his respectfully confused reaction.

Smith was apparently FaceTiming with an unidentified older woman, who advised, “I’m trying to tell y’all, don’t worry what people say about you.”

At this, Smith nodded thoughtfully. But he cocked his head in confusion as the conversation continued.

“They’re gonna try to belift [sic] you,” the woman said.

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“They’re gonna try to satalize [sic] your name. They’re gonna try to satisvize [sic] your name. They’re gonna just do anything to sestroy you. To sestroy you.”

Whatever she meant, Will apparently took the advice to heart, captioning the video with, “Nobody likes having their name salvestized!”

The post has gone viral, bringing some much-needed levity to Will’s situation.

His pal, famed Philly music promoter Charlie Mack, was quick to chime in in agreement, with a comment that was followed by a collection of crying laughing emoji:

“Will I’ve been telling you this for some time now!!!!!!!!! You’ll listen to me one of this day. Until then, they’ll keep Salvestizing your name!!!!”

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