'Halloween Ends' coming to theaters and Peacock on October 14


Laurie Strode herself, Jamie Lee Curtis, took to social media Tuesday to announce that her final film in the Halloween franchise, Halloween Ends, will debut on streaming platforms and in theaters on October 14.

In an Instagram post, Curtis was shown stalking through a creepy forest in black and white, before colors returned to the screen. The actress addressed fans, saying she’s “so proud” of the “fitting conclusion” to the Halloween saga.

“Now last year, when we put out Halloween Kills, we were in the thick of the COVID crisis, so we made that movie available in theaters and in homes at the same time,” she explained, saying they got “great results” from both releases.

“This year, we want to make sure people get to see Halloween ;Ends before Halloween, so we decided to give that same gift to the fans again. So starting on October 14, you can go to the theater to see Laurie and Michael confront each other for the last time, or you can watch it at home on Peacock.”

“Or, really, you can do what I would do, which is go to the theater, then watch it at home again.”

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Curtis added, “It has been the honor of my life to play Laurie Strode, and no matter how you watch that final chapter, I hope you’ll get people together and scream and cheer and hold your breath til the end. Because we created this for you, and I thank you for your years of support and how much you care about this story, and me, your ‘final girl.'”

She concluded with a smile, “So I’ll see you soon, stay safe and happy Halloween everyone,” before walking out of frame — revealing Michael Myers was hiding behind a tree the whole time.

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