'The Bachelorette' recap: A shocking and emotional departure rocks Gabby ahead of hometown visits

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Gabby and Rachel’s journeys to find love continued amid the charming canals and tulip fields of Amsterdam on Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, but with hometown visits right around the corner, Gabby faced her toughest breakup yet.

Ahead of her one-on-one date with Nate, who has a daughter, Gabby came to the conclusion that the complicated relationship she had with her estranged mother made it impossible for Gabby to take on the responsibility of being a mother herself. That left her with no other choice but to send Nate home, leading to one of the most emotional breakups of the season.

“I take the potential of being a mom so seriously because of my past and at…times childhood was hard and parenting didn’t look like it does in other people and I’m terrified of maybe putting someone else in my position or maybe making the wrong decision,” the former Denver Broncos cheerleader shared in a confessional. “I have to weigh these options seriously,”

The news left Nate, who had a previous one-on-one with Gabby and seemed to be a frontrunner in the competition, with “a bit of heartbreak” and “confusion.”

“She’s going to be a hard connection that I don’t think I’ll be able to replicate,” he added, addressing the camera before boarding the car that would take him home.

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Later, on a group date in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Gabby’s men displayed their kinky side, while Rachel’s group proved their love with a cheese weightlifting competition. Rachel’s rose went to Tyler, while Gabby’s afterparty was canceled after Logan tested positive for COVID-19, eliminating him from the rest of the competition as well.

Earlier, a one-on-one date between Rachel and Tino ended with him getting a rose.

Monday’s rose ceremony saw Ethan and Spencer eliminated from Rachel and Gabby’s respective groups.

Here are the men whose families Gabby and Rachel will meet:

Aven, 28, a sales executive from San Diego, California
Tino, 28, a general contractor from Playa Del Rey, California
Tyler, 25, a small business owner from Wildwood, New Jersey
Zach, 25, a tech executive from Anaheim Hills, California

Erich, 29, a real estate analyst from Bedminster, New Jersey
Jason, 30, an investment banker from Santa Monica, California
Johnny, 25, a realtor from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Nate, 33, an electrical engineer from Chicago, Illinois

The Bachelorette returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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