'A League of Their Own' series deep dives into the film's original storylines

Nicola Goode

It’s time to hit the field once again with the Rockford Peaches!

The movie A League of Their Own is now a TV series, debuting Friday on Prime Video, starring D’Arcy Carden and Melanie Field as 1940s women who just want to play ball.

Fans of the 1992 film are sure to be fans of series as well, according to Carden, who tells ABC Audio the series was able to “kiss the movie.”

“We’re doing our own thing. But there’s a lot of, I always think of it as like little kisses to the movie. And winks,” she says. 

One nice thing about the series is that there is more time to explore the storylines.  

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“Like so much of the league was queer. There was such a vibrant Black baseball, and really amazing pitchers like Toni StoneMamie JohnsonConnie Morgan, who played in the Negro Leagues,” Destra Tedros Reff, one of the writers and Executive Producers of the show, explains. “And the movie, just to tell a sports of sports movie about females at the time was sort of revolutionary. And so this, it’s really the opportunity we have right now to really step deeper into the story.”

While the series does make nods to the film, it’s not a copy. 

“The world doesn’t need this movie again. The movie’s so good,” Will Graham, another one of the writers and Executive Producers, says. “What we wanted to do was really take that platform and widen the lens and just tell a deeper range of stories but with the humor and heart and flawed characters and the comedy that Penny (Marshall) and the cast brought to this story.”

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