Tim Roth reveals what drew him to his latest movie, 'Resurrection'

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Resurrection, a new psychological thriller starring Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth, is in theaters now. Directed by Andrew Semans, it follows a mother who is forced to confront her past. Roth tells ABC Audio what drew him to the project.

“I was traveling with my son. We were actually in France at the time,” he recalls. “And I read it and he was sitting across the way from me while I was doing my reading and my jaw sort of hit the floor. I was like what is this? And he read it and went, ‘Oh, you’re doing this.'”

The 61-year-old actor joined the cast after filming began, which completely changed his approach to the project, he thinks, for the better.

“Normally, you’d give yourself three weeks to sort of get your head around something…I didn’t really have any of that time,” he explains. “So maybe it was better for it in a way. It just, you know concentrate on having the conversations with Rebecca. Don’t think outside the box, just think in the moment.”

And Roth says it was made all the more easier by Hall, whom he believes has “some serious chops as an actor.”

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“You actually feel that you’ve gotta bring your game to step up to her,” he continues. “One of the things that you don’t see on camera, but it happens immediately when [Semans] said cut was the amount of laughter that was going on. She is really funny.”

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