Wendy Williams reportedly says she's married again; rep says not so fast


Another Wendy Williams headline has left fans scratching their heads: Did she just get re-married?

That’s purportedly what she claimed to Hollywood Unlocked podcast host Jason Lee, who said she told him she tied the knot with an NYPD officer named Henry.

Lee recalled on his Tuesday night installment, “She says, ‘I’m married.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ She’s like, ‘I got married.'”

“I’m like, ‘You got married when?’ And she’s like, ‘I got married last week,'” he continued.

However, Page Six reached out to the former talk show host’s rep William Selby, who threw cold water on the reported wedding news, calling it “inaccurate.”

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“She is excited about a new relationship and probably got carried away in conversation,” he explained.

The publication points out it’s not the first time Wendy has apparently gotten ahead of herself in the romance department. In 2019, she was dating a former cop-turned-criminal justice expert Dr. Darrin Porcher.

He called her comments “flattering to hear” but told Page Six, “it’s not the case,” explaining he was in another relationship and had merely worked for Wendy “for a couple of weeks” after she’d filed for divorce from her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

Lee also revealed that Williams told him she had her publicist keep her “entire family away,” except her son Kevin Hunter Jr., “for at least a year” and reiterated her claims that her finances are still locked because Wells Fargo bank has frozen them.

As previously reported, Wendy claims the company helped enact a conservatorship against her will, declaring her “incapacitated” and unable to manage her finances.

The company has denied any “improper actions” regarding the situation.

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