No, Brad Pitt isn't retiring: “I really need to work on my phrasing”


At the Los Angeles premiere of his new action comedy, Bullet Train, Brad Pitt let it be known that, contrary to reports, he’s not ready to retire.

The 58-year-old Oscar winner might be AARP certified, but he insisted to Deadline that his comments to GQ about being on the “last leg” of his career could have been clearer.

“No!” was how Pitt responded with a laugh when asked if he was actually planning to hang it up, after an onscreen career nearly 80 movies long.

“I know, I really have to work on my phrasing,” the actor joshed.

“No, I was just saying, you know, I’m, like, past middle age [and] I want to be specific how I spend those last bits, whenever they may be.”

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Pitt also has an impressive cache of work under his belt as a producer: His Plan B Entertainment has shepherded movies like The Departed, 12 Years a Slave and Moonlight to Best Picture Academy Award wins, and also produced Oscar winners Minari and The Big Short, and hits like World War Z.

His Friday release, Bullet Train, was directed by Pitt’s friend and former stunt double David Leitch and has Pitt playing a very unlucky assassin on an easy mission that goes awry in nearly every way.

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