Sylvester Stallone is a retired superhero in trailer to 'Samaritan'

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“I’m not as strong as I used to be,” Sylvester Stallone tells a young fan in the trailer to his new action movie Samaritan.

The project has the 76-year-old Rocky series star playing a retired superhero looking to put his past behind him, even though he’s still cleaning up the streets … as a garbage man.

However, a chance meeting with a kid — and a whupping of his bullies — leads the young man to realize that the lowly garbageman is actually The Samaritan, the world’s greatest hero who was thought to have been killed in action 25 years prior.

Stallone’s character tries to deny it, of course, until he gets rammed by a car and suffers no damage.

However, his reluctant return to superheroism comes just as crime has reached an apex in the city. “I stopped caring a long time ago,” he says, but sure enough, he decides to suit back up.

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Samaritan hits Amazon Prime on August 26.

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