Jordan Peele shuts down fan who calls him “best horror director of all time”

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Jordan Peele shut down a fan who called him the greatest of all time when it comes to making horror films.

The moment went down on Twitter Wednesday, when one fan raved about the Nope director, writing,”I know this is a hot take but at what point do we declare Jordan Peele the best horror director of all time?”

“Can you think of another horror director that had 3 great films, let alone 3 in a row? I can’t,” the fan added.

Attached to the tweet was a screenshot of Peele’s recent films and their Rotten Tomatoes rankings, with Nope scoring 88 percent, 2019’s Us with 93 percent, and 2017’s Get Out with a near perfect 98%.

While Peele seemed flattered, he felt that filmmaker John Carpenter, known in part for the Halloween series, as well as the horror classics The Fog and the 1982 remake of The Thing, was much more deserving of the G.O.A.T title.

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“Sir, please put the phone down I beg you,” Peele replied. “Sorry. I love your enthusiasm but I will just not tolerate any John Carpenter slander!!!”

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