Universal releases trailer to Rob Zombie's big-screen reboot of 'The Munsters'

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Complete with the retro title card used by Universal Pictures back in the day, the studio revealed the trailer to hard rocker-turned-director Rob Zombie‘s The Munsters.

Deliberately juxtaposing Zombie’s bloody film bona fides with the classic ’60s sitcom, a voiceover intones, “Rob Zombie, the director of House of 1000 Corpses, Halloween and The Devil’s Rejects, brings you the greatest love story ever told.”

The tone then pivots and goes all-in on the madcap camp of the original series, proving Rob wasn’t joking when he said the movie he wrote would be his first family-friendly offering.

Lily Munster, played by Sheri Moon Zombie, is looking for love. Fortunately, mad scientist Dr. Henry August — played by Kingsman and The Mandalorian character actor Richard Brake — has just built just the man for her.

Jeff Daniel Phillips plays her Frankenstein’s creaturelike beau to be, Herman, made famous by Fred Gwynne in the original.

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Dan Roebuck perfectly brings the smarm as he fills the cape of the late Al Lewis‘ Grandpa Munster, and the cast also features Lost veteran Jorge Garcia, Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson, and original Munsters actors Butch Patrick and Pat Priest.

As if that’s not enough throwback, the trailer ends with a near shot-for-shot recreation of the original show’s opening, set to Jack Marshall‘s iconic theme.

The Munsters haunts theaters this fall.


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