'Solar Opposites' returns for season 3 on Hulu


Hulu’s hit animated series Solar Opposites returns for its third season Wednesday.

The series centers on a group of aliens who fled an extinction-level event on their home planet and crash-landed on Earth instead of an uninhabited world they hoped to repopulate. There, they pretend to be a family and have to live among humans in suburbia and all that that entails.

The absurdist animated series was co-created by Rick and Morty‘s Justin Roiland — who plays the leader and defacto patriarch, Korvo — and shares a strong absurdist streak with his previous hit.

Solar Opposites picked up a strong following during the pandemic, which Thomas Middleditch, who voices Terry, calls a “special treat.”

“…[T]o have such a positive response, it just makes the whole process that much more enjoyable, because …I love this show,” he says. “It’s so funny to me. I’m cackling as I watch it. And so all that means is that we get to make more.”

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The Goldbergs’ Sean Giambrone, an animated project veteran, plays Yumulack. He tells ABC Audio he loves working in the medium. “It’s awesome….I watched a lot of cartoons growing up…and so being a part of animation has been really cool. But then being on a show like this where I never know what to expect from the script and I get to see some really fun things — it’s awesome,” he says.

Mary Mack, who shares a voice with Yumulack’s teen “sister” Jessie, adds of her experience, “I’ve been getting voice recognized in the airport because I’m…friendly to people and they’re like, ‘This might sound weird but you on Solar Opposites?’ And then they kind of whisper like, ‘I’ve been watching with our kids,’ and I’m like, ‘How old are your kids?!’ 

Sometimes I want to step in and be like, ‘Your kid’s how old?’ You’re watching this? And like, if they say ‘He’s heard worse,’ you should call the child protection services, ’cause there’s no way your kid should be hearing ‘worse,’ Mack says, laughing.


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