Beanie Feldstein leaving 'Funny Girl' on Broadway early, and more

Goodbye, gorgeous. Beanie Feldstein will leave the Broadway revival of Funny Girl on July 31 — nearly two months before her scheduled exit — The Booksmart actress announced in a statement on Instagram. She attributed the move to a decision by producers “to take the show in a different direction,” but didn’t elaborate. The casting change, originally set for December, also included the planned departure of co-star Jane Lynch. It’s unclear if Lynch will also make an early exit…

It’s the age of director’s cuts, but don’t expect one from Thor: Love and Thunder helmer Taika Waititi. “Director’s cuts are not good,” Waititi tells NME. “I’ve been thinking about director’s cuts. I watch director’s cuts of a lot of other directors.” He adds, “Directors need to be controlled sometimes, and if I was to say, ‘ah, you wanna watch my director’s cut? It’s four and a half hours long!’ It’s not good, at four and a half hours. There’s a lot of cup-of-tea breaks in there, you don’t even have to pause it.” Thor: Love and Thunder is doing just fine the way it is: the film opened over the weekend with an estimated $143 million domestically…

Veteran character actor, L.Q. Jones, whose list of screen credits includes Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch, Ride the High Country and Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, died of natural causes Saturday at his home in Hollywood. He was 94. His death was confirmed by his grandson, Erté deGarces. Jones’ other big-screen appearances include The Mask of Zorro, The Patriot and Casino. His TV career consisted mainly Westerns, such as Gunsmoke, The Virginian and Bonanza. Beyond acting, he produced, directed and wrote the 1975 post-apocalyptic cult classic black comedy A Boy and His Dog, adapted from the novella by Harlan Ellison

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