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Queen Elizabeth reduces workload, according to Buckingham Palace source

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(LONDON) — Queen Elizabeth is reducing her workload.

According to the Telegraph, Buckingham Palace changed the details of the queen’s job description in its annual report by swapping out the “Queen’s programme” of engagements for more general “visits in royal programmes.”

Instead, members of the royal family, including Prince Charles, will step in and support some of her duties.

A palace source emphasized that it isn’t a “drastic” change but a small update. The Sovereign Grant report indicated that the queen’s role still comprises two key elements: Head of State and Head of Nation, which means that as Head of State, the 96-year-old “must fulfill” specific duties.

In May, Charles stepped in for his mother when she missed the opening of Parliament due to mobility issues. It was the first time in six decades that she was not present. Instead, her crown was placed next to Charles, who is the queen’s oldest child and the heir to the throne.

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Last week, Queen Elizabeth made a public appearance in Scotland for Royal Week. The monarch appeared at a special military parade, her second public apparance since her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

ABC News’ Zoe Magee contributed to this report.

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