Where one man has gone before: William Shatner documentary to preview at San Diego Comic-Con

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A documentary about the long life of 91-year-old Star Trek star William Shatner is underway, and attendees at San Diego Comic-Con will get a preview.

The as-yet-untitled feature, being crafted by the production companies Exhibit A and Legion M, the latter of which bills itself as the world’s first fan-funded movie studio, will be a deep dive into the life of the actor, recording artist and author.

Shatner joined Legion M’s advisory board in 2021.

The company teases, “From make-believe starship captain to a real-life rocketman, William Shatner has led one of the most unique and best-lived lives on the planet. And while the actor William Shatner may be recognizable around the globe, the man behind the masks is even more interesting than the iconic roles he’s played.”

For his part, Shatner explained people had wanted to make a documentary about him for years, but the nature of Agent M’s crowdfunding thrust made it a good fit: “Fans have been responsible for my career. It only seems right that they should own this doc,” he explained.

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The iconic actor will take part in a Q&A with moderator Kevin Smith at Comic-Con next month, where footage of the forthcoming release will be teased.

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