Woody Allen says he'll direct one more film in controversy-free interview with Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin had an Instagram Live interview with Woody Allen on Tuesday, and not surprisingly, both stars avoided controversial topics.

Baldwin had said he “couldn’t care less” about what people had to say about the interview, and true to form, comments were turned off for the conversation.

The chat had some technical glitches — which got under Baldwin’s skin. “They need to be in a room with the best Wi-Fi in the house,” he told Woody’s team after the filmmaker repeatedly froze. “What do they have going on in there?!”

Woody has denied accusations he molested his adopted daughter Dylan when she was a child, which resurfaced after the 2021 HBO documentary Allen v. Farrow.

For his part, Baldwin didn’t mention his own negative headlines, stemming from firing the bullet that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza on the set of Rust.

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Instead, the actors, who worked together on three films, reminisced about Allen’s career, changes in the movie industry and more.

Allen admitted he will step back from directing movies following an effort that will shoot in Paris this fall and blamed the changing landscape of entertainment.

“A lot of the thrill is gone,” he griped about making movies. “…now you do a movie, you get a couple weeks in a movie house…and it goes right to…streaming.”

He added, “It’s not the same…It’s not as enjoyable to me.”

Baldwin agreed, expressing, “now what people want is to press pause, and make a pitcher of martinis…”

Allen explained he doesn’t “have the time” to watch any current shows on TV, instead turning to sports, the news and Turner Classic Movies.

Baldwin, famously expecting his seventh kid, expressed, “Sometimes I watch TV to get away to another land, because I’m overwhelmed by my children.”

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