The King reigns at the box office: 'Elvis' edged out 'Top Gun: Maverick' after all

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It was a dogfight at the box office over the weekend, but in the end, Elvis downed Maverick.

Newly revised numbers quoted by Variety show that Baz Luhrmann‘s Presley biopic beat Tom Cruise‘s sequel by around a million bucks — close, but still good enough for a first place finish.

The trade reports that Elvis made $31.1 million in its first weekend in theaters, while Top Gun: Maverick brought in $29.6 million in its fifth weekend in theaters. Earlier estimates had the movies tied at $30.5 million apiece.

That said, don’t feel bad for Tom: Maverick is the star’s biggest hit of his long career and flew past the billion-dollar mark at the global box office after just a month.

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