Amber Heard spends hours on the stand, claims beatings and sexual assaults from Johnny Depp

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(NOTE CONTENT) Amber Heard spent another day in a Fairfax, Virginia courtroom, detailing — for hours on end — allegations of abuse she said she suffered while with her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

While Depp’s previous testimony was anchored with medical reports and witness statements, and photos, for example, of his severed right middle finger he says Heard caused with a thrown vodka bottle, Heard’s was more freeform, continuous harrowing allegations against the former Pirates of the Caribbean star without input from others.

Heard began by detailing the rosier parts of their relationship, confessing she “had butterflies” at first before things took a darker turn.

Heard claims she suffered a beating after the couple attended the Met Gala for the first time — caused, Heard alleges, because Depp thought she was flirting with a model there. She also claims Depp attacked her aboard a private plane ride, after having accused her of having an affair with a co-star at the time, James Franco.

Depp previously detailed the tumultuous trip as well, claiming it was Heard who picked a fight with him, and he popped opioids and locked himself in the bathroom of the duration of the trip to avoid her.

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As court began to wind down for the day, Heard detailed an intense fight that seemed to be her side of the infamous bottle-throwing story, and seemed to intimate that Depp cut his own finger as he hurled bottles at her.

She also said, for the first time, that Depp reportedly sexually violated her with a bottle during that row.

After detailing, for nearly 20 minutes straight, the alleged beating she took that night, her lawyer asked if she took any photos of the injuries she claimed. Heard admitted, “I didn’t think to make a record of any.”

Her attorney did later present a pair photos: one of hair Amber said was pulled out by Johnny in yet another fight, and bruising on her face from that alleged incident.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million dollars, claiming an op-ed she wrote in 2018 that obliquely accused him of sexual and domestic violence was not only false, but devastated his reputation and career.

The case will resume on May 16, when Heard’s bombshell claims will be cross-examined by Depp’s legal team.

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