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BLACK HISTORY MONTH SPOTLIGHT: Rick James; more than just a Chappelle skit

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s hard NOT to think of Rick James without thinking of Dave Chappelle, and THIS skit. (Language alert.)

He even parodied it in one of his final public appearances.


McDonalds Is Hiring

He had his fair share of drug and alcohol problems through the years.

AND, he had a string of hits of his own – and for others – that lives on today.  Never mind just “Super Freak,” re-incarnated as “U Can’t Touch This;” he served as a producer for the Mary Jane Girls, the Temptations, Smokey Robinson, and even for THIS SONG that lives on as Eddie Murphy’s one trip into music…



So, while the PERSONA of Rick was larger than life, and Dave Chappelle’s impersonation by all accounts was SPOT ON, know that Rick, too, was an entertainer and producer that gave us SO many memories.  On the day he would be 74, we salute Rick as Black History Month begins.  Rick, here’s to making some of the most iconic musical guitar licks of all time.  AND, to the crazy times too.

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