Celebrate “It's Gonna Be May” Day with a Lance Bass TikTok dance challenge

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“It’s Gonna Be May” is a meme that resurfaces every year at the of April, thanks to the infamous way Justin Timberlake delivered the line in NSYNC’s hit “It’s Gonna Be Me.”  Now, Justin’s former group mate, Lance Bass, is trying to make it into a TikTok challenge as well.

On Thursday, Lance brought back the classic NSYNC choreography to the song in a TikTok dance video. “It’s #NationalDanceDay, so I’m gonna need y’all to duet this for #ItsGonnaBeMay Day tomorrow!!” he captioned the video.

“Guncle Lance is here to teach. Can’t wait to see your videos,” he added.

Justin hadn’t publicly acknowledged the unofficial meme holiday as of Friday evening, though last year he posted a face mask-wearing version of the meme.

The meme had started circulating last April in a different context, with people posting “It’s Gonna Be May” in response to the question, “When is the quarantine going to end?” Turns out, that answer was way too optimistic.

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