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Chipotle Is Giving Away Free Burritos . . . and Free Bitcoin . . . Tomorrow

I understand burritos.  I don’t really understand Bitcoin.  But I’ll gladly take either of them for free if someone’s offering.

Chipotle just announced that they’ll be giving out free burritos AND free Bitcoin tomorrow.  And no, this isn’t an April Fools’ Day thing.  Tomorrow is National Burrito Day, so this whole giveaway is really happening.

If you want to enter, you can go to their website BurritosOrBitcoin.com tomorrow starting at noon Eastern.  You get 10 tries to guess a random six-digit number.

If you somehow get the number right, you’ll either get a burrito or some Bitcoin.  10,000 people will get a burrito . . . 50 people will get $500 worth of Bitcoin . . . and three people will get $25,000 worth of Bitcoin.

Of course, your odds of guessing a six-digit number aren’t great.  The fine print says your odds of winning are about one in 175,000.  But, you know, it’s free and SOMEONE’S gotta win, right?

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