Lil Wayne meets with Donald Trump on plan for Black America days ahead of election

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(WASHINGTON) — Lil Wayne said that he had a “great meeting” with President Donald Trump on Thursday to discuss the Trump administration’s proposed “Platinum Plan” for Black America, just days ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

“Just had a great meeting with (President Donald Trump) besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership,” the rapper tweeted, along with a photo of himself with Trump. “He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done.”

The meeting between the president and the rapper took place at the Trump National Doral Miami resort, White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere confirmed to ABC News on Thursday.

As a business mogul, Trump was an icon in hip-hop music for more than three decades and rappers, including Lil Wayne, hailed his wealth and power in hundreds of lyrics, but once he jumped into the political ring in 2015, he was fervently rejected by the hip-hop community.

Lil Wayne, who name dropped Trump in songs like “Racks on Racks,” rapping, “get money like Donald Trump,” voiced support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016. He did not indicate whether he is voting for Trump in 2020.

Lil Wayne’s meeting with the president comes after rapper Ice Cube repeatedly defended his role in advising the Trump administration on the proposed plan.

Intense backlash was leveled against the NWA legend earlier this month after Trump adviser Katrina Pierson revealed on Twitter that he advised the campaign.

Ice Cube, who has been a vocal critic of Trump, famously releasing a song titled “Arrest the President” in 2018, said that he did not endorse anyone in 2020, but had spoken with both the Trump and Biden campaigns after releasing his “Contract With Black America” in July.

Arguing that “Black progress is a bipartisan issue,” the rapper urged politicians to back the 13-point document, which is described as “a blueprint to achieve racial economic justice” and touches on a wide range of issues, including finance, police, criminal justice and education reform.

Lil Wayne and Ice Cube’s conversations with the Trump campaign come as the Democratic Party and presidential nominee Joe Biden grapple with criticism from progressives and conservatives — including presidential candidate and hip-hop star Kanye West — that its politicians have been taking Black voters for granted for decades and have not done enough to earn it by working to uplift Black communities.

West, who is running for president under the newly formed Birthday Party, had battled backlash from fans over the past few years after he voiced support for the president and famously met with him at the Oval Office in October 2018.

Several operatives who have been prominently involved in the Republican political world have been linked to West’s presidential bid, raising questions about West’s motives to run.

After announcing his presidential bid, West walked back his support for Trump during an interview with Forbes over the summer, saying, “I’m taking the red hat off, with this interview.”

He also acknowledged that his presidential bid could bleed out Biden’s Black voters saying, “To say that the Black vote is Democratic is a form of racism and white supremacy.”

ABC News’ Ben Gittleson contributed to this report.

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