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The Top Mother’s Day Gifts This Year Are All Doable During the Lockdown


Your mom’s Mother’s Day wish list is probably doable this year, even during the lockdown.  400 moms aged 55 and under were polled.  Here are the top eight gifts they said they want to get . . .

1.  Gift cards.  TO LOCAL RESTAURANTS . . . hair salons . . . coffee . . . clothing . . . and future spa or beauty treatments.

2.  Flowers.

3.  Personal care items.

McDonalds Is Hiring

4.  Housewares.  Including small appliances and decorative stuff.

5.  Clothing.

6.  Tickets to an event.  Just make sure it’s well into the future.

7.  Jewelry.

8.  Books.

“A nice meal at a restaurant” didn’t make the list this year, for obvious reasons.

The poll also found moms with young kids OVERWHELMINGLY prefer gift cards.  87% of moms with newborns said that’s what they want.

(PR Newswire)


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